Episcopal Day School

Church of the Advent started our Episcopal Day School 65 years ago. Originally, it was colocated with our church, but as it grew we obtained additional property so we could expand to six grades. We currently have 2-K through 6th grade, with two classes per grade for first through sixth. Please visit our full site by clicking here.


The Episcopal Day School, an educational outreach of the Church of the Advent – Episcopal, has been serving the community of Brownsville since 1948. What began as a dream to provide a superior educational environment has become an institution of learning that is grounded in a tradition of academic excellence and spiritual formation.


The mission of the Episcopal Day School is to nurture each child so that he/she may learn to seek knowledge, love truth, and respect his/her Creator and all that He has created.

The students of the Episcopal Day School know they will always be a part of a school family where relationships remain strong and supportive. Alumni move into their futures with the knowledge and the friendships that will shape their history. They are anchored in an education that has given them inquiring and discerning hearts with courage to venture forth as competent, capable, and caring members of our ever-changing society. The alumni of the school value the learning they have received. In turn, the Day School values each and every student who has been a member of the EDS family. (Written by Helen Taylor, Former Staff Member)


At the Episcopal Day School, we believe in implementing a strong academic program with particular emphasis on the basic academic skills. Our students are guided in their physical, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic, and spiritual growth within a disciplined, stimulating, and creative environment. We believe in fostering a love for learning and instilling in each child a respect for himself/herself and others. This is accomplished within the context of a diverse, multicultural community where each person – student, teacher, staff member, administrator – is seen and valued as a child of God.